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 ISI TEKNIK has its own place in sector in 1998 by establishing. The company has proved its ability in a short period of time in Türkiye and the world by establishing several painting plants in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Turkmen Rep, Albania, Russia, Kuwait, Irak, Iran, Afganistan, syria. 


         ISI TEKNIK which shares its 24 years sector experience and manegement understanding that follows technology with its personnel working together in sector, operates in a family sincerity and dicipline. ISI TEKNIK has started to work with total quality and customer satisfaction and has the principle of  doing its promises at the right time.  


         The company has aimed to be a world mark with 60 staff , enough equipment, 2.500 m2closed area and has the ability of manufacturing 5 full automatic painting plants at the same time.  


         ISI TEKNIK continues  cooperation with the world’s most expert companies’ distributors in sector and operates on the plant from offer as far as delivery. By this way the arguments between chemical – paint – plant manufacturer is inhibited.


         ISI TEKNIK services in so many sectors of the world like; machinery and spare parts, metal goods (cupboard, iron, table etc.), plastic accessories, furniture and wooden products, white goods, practice house goods, aluminum, textile, automobile and spare parts, hinge, lock and hardware, lighting armatures, hand cart, agricultural machines, electric panels and cable ducts, computer, automation, petroleum equipments, steel and wooden doors, office furnitures.


ISI TEKNIK has 24 years of experience in the sector of wet and powder coating plants manufacturing and understanding management that follows rising technology with its staff, working and cooperating in a family sincerity and discipline.


ISI TEKNIK powder coating and wet painting plants supports many sectors this includes but not limited to;

-          Machinery,

-          Metal Goods (Cupboard, Iron Tables etc.),

-          Plastic Accessories,

-          Furniture & Wooden Products,

-          White Goods, Practice House Goods,

-          Aluminum,

-          Textile,

-          Automobile & Spare Parts,

-          Hinge, Lock & Hardware,

-          Lighting Armatures,

-          Hand Craft,

-          Electrical Panels and Steel Doors.

We design and manufacture electrostatic powder coating plants in all sizes that are made to meet the client’s capacity requirement and to fit the available space.

Turnkey plants:

-          Powder Coating Plants manufacturing

-          Wet Painting Plants manufacturing

-          PVDF Coating Plants Manufacturing

-          Powder & Wet Enamel Coating Plants manufacturing

-          Timber Drying Plants

The custom built turnkey electrostatic powder coating plants can fulfill all painting needs, as we are able to offer complete manual and full automatic lines using machines and equipments which are compatible with quality standards.

Electrostatic powder coating system/line components:


-          Cardan Shaft or Webb type aerial and ground type conveyor lines.

-          Spray or Dipping type Iron phosphate, Zinc phosphate or Chromate based Pre-treatment Lines.

-          Mono cyclone, multi cyclone or filter type manual; or automatic powder coating booths.

-          Air–conditioned rooms

-          Powder & Wet Enamel and PVDF coating booths.

-          Drying, baking, curing and special purposed ovens.

-          PLC control units.

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