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Questions to be answered by the Customer Paylaşım: Yönetici

Questions to be answered by the Customer

The Items to Be Painted (work pieces):

1. What is the work pieces raw material? (Aluminum, Iron (Steel) or casting) or what they are used for?

2. Technical draw, dimensions of the biggest work pieces, if possible a picture of the work piece

3. Weight of the biggest work piece

4. Information about the sides of the work pieces to be painted (one side, two sides or the whole item)

Production Capacity:

1. Painting Rate (capacity); daily or per month?

2. Working hours; (how many hours per shift, shifts per day and working days per month?

About The Painting System:

1. Dimensions of the place dedicated to the Plant Installation (Height, Length, and Width)?

2. Energy source will be used in the oven(s) (LPG, Gas, Diesel, Fuel-oil, Electric etc…)?

3. Painting type (Wet Paint, Powder Coating)?

4. Will the system be Full-Automatic, Half-Automatic or Manual?

5. If you will use more than one color, do you think of using one booth and changing colors every time or it

will be separate booth for each color?

Preparations before Applying Paint:

1. If need, please inform us about the stages of the Pre-treatment line and the cleaning process prepared

by person/company specialized in this field.


1- Iron Phosphate Based Pretreatment Lines, according to stages it can be;

- Degreasing 3 minutes under 65 Cº

- Rinsing 1 minutes in ambient temperature

- Iron-Phosphate 4 minutes under 55 Cº

- Rinsing 1 minute in ambient temperature

- Passivation 1 minute in ambient temperature

2. Pretreatment type; do you prefer it Dipping or Spray Type Pretreatment?


- Dip Type Tank Dimensions (will be decided according to the work pieces)

- Length : 7000

- Width : 600

Height : 1000

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